Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Trouble With Health Problems Near Gas Fracking: NPR Interview

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If you go for a walk in the country and there are gas wells around,  can you feel safe?  Can you be sure that you won't inhale toxic chemicals or become contaminated in some way while you are strolling by? This story tells of a woman from Parachute, Colorado,  who became very ill while working on her property in 2005.  She didn't think about the connection to gas wells until she began talkng to some of her neighbors.  They had problems, too, in some cases.  Now she believes the gas drilling was the cause of her illness.  We simply do not have enough data yet to be sure we are safe from negative gas drilling effects.  Until we have data, we can assume we are at risk.

In loving memory of my Dad
The Reverend Robert F. Shippee
November 29, 1922-September 29, 2010
He loved the Earth and opposed natural gas drilling until his dying day.

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