Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Flood Pictures in Bradford County, PA

Looks like a gas truck at the pump
Wyalusing, PA

Sand tankers under water near Wyalusing Valley Elementary School

Train track washed out and train cars topple
Near Wyalusing Valley Elementary School
Wyalusing, PA

Photos: Wyalusing Rocket-Courier
September 8, 2011


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you lived up here more than a day out of the year you would know whats really happening here

Peacegirl said...

Anonymous, would you care to identify yourself? You obviously have no idea how much time I spend in PA. Not that it matters.


smurfette said...

Anonymous, you obviously do not know Peacegirl. You are a coward to leave a mean message with no name. If there is one person who cares- and has always cared- about Camp and the valley, it is Peacegirl. What is really happening in PA? Well, it's clear that it's flooding on a major scale which, combined with human waste from the treatment plant and frack fluid from the gas wells, makes for a pretty dangerous situation. I pray for the safety of all and I hope that the floodwaters continue to recede.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a bad situation for everyone whether the gas company is here or not...Don't think you can blame them for the flooding...I watched quite a lot floating down the river at Wyalusing today and there is quite a bit of it that is contaminating the river that has not one thing to do with the gas companies. There are pros and cons to them being here, but they aren't to blame for everything bad around here.

Peacegirl said...

No one is blaming the gas industry for the flooding. No one is saying that all the contamination is due to the gas industry. No one is saying that every bad thing is caused by the gas industry. So I am not quite sure what your point is. It sounds as if you are a local person whoever you are. I hope you and your family are OK and that everything will be returned to normal soon.

Don Williams said...


Anonymous posters are not worth the effort. I rarely publish their comments unless they are willing to identify themselves. Most aren't. Tells me all I need to know about their motives and character.

Keep up the great work.


Peacegirl said...

Don, I think I am going to take your advice! This past week has been a doozy for Anonymous poster/posters. Thanks for your encouragement.