Sunday, September 25, 2011

Berry Tales: Personal Stories from Gardendale, Texas (Video)

"Berry Tales" are real, first-hand accounts of how residents of Gardendale have been treated by Berry Oil and their 'landman' representative, Gray Surface Specialties. In this segment, long-time Gardendale residents with a thriving horse farm are virtually put out of business by Berry Oil.


smurfette said...

So many peoples' retirement plans have been negatively impacted, to say the least, by big gas and oil. It's unacceptable, for certain, but these big companies have a huge financial advantage over any landowner and high-powered lawyers for court. What can these people do?

sam sommers said...

I strongly oppose hydrofracking so any criticism here is simply to improve the message you are trying to send out.

That said, this video is confusing. You need to establish how it is that Berry Oil got the mineral rights to drill? I don't understand that? Nor will others who try to watch this video. Also, it moves too slowly. I am trying to find really good video to post on youtube to try to keep hydrofracking out of communities in upstate new york and communities in Alabama. In the future, i'd love to share your video...but it seriously needs lead in statements like..."when we bought this land, we had no idea that by not owning the mineral rights, we were subject to losing all our hopes, and hard earned money, and dreams for the future, and that our farm would be ruined by a company that cares nothing about the future, or the well-being of generations to come." And there also needs to be much editing to pare this down to get to the essential message. My two cents. Best wishes, in the fight. I'll say my prayers that we stop this madness of hydrofracking before all the water accross this beautiful country is ruined by hydrofracking. ---sam sommers

Peacegirl said...

Sam- Thanks for your comment! I do not know the people in this video or the person who created the video, but your comment is a good one. I hope we can keep horizontal high-volume, slickwater hydrofracking out of New York!