Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shale Gas Industrialization: What a New York Town Should Do

This 20-minute presentation by Chip Northrup could mean the difference between a good future for your town and a disastrous situation for you and all your neighbors.  In New York State, towns are allowed by law to limit heavy industry in numerous ways.  What about massive truck traffic, hazardous materials, compressor stations, waste disposal wells, waste processing?  These are all subject to local control under NY State law.

We will get NO help from the EPA.   The DEC regulations don't address land use and road use ordinances at all.  Albany doesn't get any money out of this gas industry.  Governor Cuomo will not help us.  President Obama will not help us.  It all comes down to local LAND USE PLANS.

Protect your own town!  Look at your town boards.  If your board has individuals who do not support adequate land use plans, then throw them out and replace them, so says Chip Northrup.

This presentation lays out concrete, doable actions we must take now before it is too late.  Slide 27 lists local control resources.  Pause there and write down the names!

Click here to see the presentation.  It only takes 20 minutes!

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smurfette said...

This guy really gets right to the heart of what needs doing now. His presentations allow everyday people to understand things clearly. Thanks!