Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gas Industry: Great Jobs?

Vera Scroggins in Dimock, PA

Comments from Vera Scroggins:
Believe me, you won't be wanting these "great" jobs for your families--
12 hour days with 14 days on and 14 days off  with rates of $10 to $13 an hour
and exposed to dirty conditions with exposure to possible toxins
and dangers--
not something I want my children involved in or our husbands, dads, etc..--
the gas companies think we are so desperate here in Susquehanna County that
we will take any kind of low-level, donkey work--

the better, choicer jobs are for the out-of-staters--  
and they're not so great either--
The Gas Companies can't get enough people interested in their offerings--
I wonder why ?? !! 
and they have the nerve to say our people don't want to work--
I told them to offer humane jobs and conditions--
that went over their heads!!
Vera Scroggins
Citizens for Clean Water

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