Monday, June 6, 2011

Pennsylvania Dairy Farmers Tell Their Story About the Effects of Gas Drilling in Bradford County, PA

Dairy farmers Carol French and Carolyn Knapp tell their stories about their experiences with gas drilling in Bradford County, PA.  They speak on the theme of economic impacts of gas drilling on their lives.  Listen to them and find out what is really happening in PA. 

Here is the video:  LINK

If you have an hour, watch this video.  It is a MUST SEE!  You will not believe what these Bradford County dairy farmers are going through! You will be amazed!


smurfette said...

This was a very powerful presentation. They stressed that you must have a map attached to any lease or the gas industry are allowed to put their pads/ frack pits/pipelines where THEY want. They are allowed to actually make it so you do not have access to some of your property. When accidents DO happen, many leases had small print saying the landowner is responsible if somebody is injured or dies on his/her property EVEN ON A WELLPAD. As for the increase in crime and the huge increase in the number of accidents, including people being run over by gas trucks- some injured and some killed, I guess that's the price we pay for the big bucks? No wait- only a very few people are getting big bucks and most of those are politicians. These women actually stay at home more now because of the road hazards- the trucks, the roads destroyed by trucks, the DWI drivers of the trucks, and did I mention the trucks?As for the farmer's pond which is now ORANGE in cold weather? And the cost in electricity of running the filters for contaminated water given so kindly by the company which contaminated it? Astronomical!

Peacegirl said...

Yes, I was not aware that a landowner can have his/her property cut in two and the acres on the other side of whatever is put in, for example, a compressor station or well pad, are permanently inaccessible to the land owner. Also soil contamination was mentioned and they said, contrary to what we might assume, the contaminated soil is not always removed. There is so much more content in this talk, too. Smurfette, you picked up on some really important points.