Thursday, June 30, 2011

Frackonomics 2.0: Ponzi Gas Frackers

Click here to watch Chip Northrup's presentation about the Ponzi-like scheme that is the natural gas industry. It is clear, concise, and downright infuriating to find out how we are being scammed out of our collective future.

We are being had.  Get control of your town and county boards now before it is too late for New York State.


ChipTex said...

Ponzi Gas comes to New York ..

Peacegirl said...

Thank you, Chip Northrup, for your presentations on fracking issues in NY. They are by far the best I have seen. I have learned so much from you. Enjoyed hearing you speak in Ithaca at the EPIC No Frack Day. One of the eye openers for me was the necessity to work with town boards and the futility of depending on the NY DEC, the EPA, Cuomo, Obama, and anyone else we might think is going to do something for us.