Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Marcellus Shale: You Be the Judge- Interviews With Bradford County Residents

Lawyer Todd J. O'Malley interviewed local people in Bradford County, PA.  These people, the faces of fracking, are sick, their children and babies are in jeopardy of becoming sick, their dreams have been shattered.  Why?  Because they live near gas wells, and most of them have suffered the loss of their water wells which are now ruined with no chance of getting their good water back.  They drink bottled water.  They cannot cook or wash with their bad water.  Their lives are turned upside down.

To visit O'Malley's website, click here.  There you will find links to recent articles related to the problems caused by un-natural gas drilling.  A sandbox within feet of a wellhead?  Gas company says this poses no problem.  Read more and watch the You Tube videos.

*I get no money from Todd O'Malley!  I just like the work he is doing in Bradford County to help those in need.  We have never met.  We need more people like him to work with families in distress due to Big Oil/Gas Greed.

Read about the lawsuit O'Malley filed in April on behalf of Bradford County residents who have been harmed by gas drilling here.


smurfette said...

OK, So the child's sandbox being near the wellhead is no problem? Then the CEO of each gas company will have no problem having their own children play in that yard each and every day. Let them put their OWN families in the same situation as these unfortunate folks for a long period of time and THEN see if they STILL say everything is hunky-dory there.What utter lack of empathy the gas company people have!Let them switch lives and residences with these families for a week or two. Perhaps, then, a modicum of respect for these families might creep in and they might see just a bit that fracking is not something that we should be doing at all, let alone in the casual, lackadaisical way they are experimenting with. They are experimenting with peoples' LIVES here, while protecting their own.It is unconscionable!

Peacegirl said...

Did you see the heartbreaking way in which Crystal told what has happened to her? Wow! She was nearly overcome with emotion. I was, too, watching that. Her illness seems to have developed in just a few weeks. This is not an illness which takes years to show up. And can you imagine how anxious she is about her little boy? I know she must be frantic with worry.

Ceen said...

Take Action Pennsylvanians: Rally and Lobby on June 7, 2011 in Harrisburg: Capitol Steps. Marcellus Gas Drilling: We need protection of our Water, Air and Land. Josh Fox, director of Gasland and others will speak. Contact any of the groups below to join a scheduled meeting with your legislators or if you need information or transportation.

Sponsors, Clean Water Action 717-233-1801, Sierra Club PA 717-232-0101, Delaware RiverKeeper 215-369-1188, PennEnvironment 215-732-5897, Wellness Connection 1-800-200-2229.