Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gas Drilling Waste Moves through Sunbury (PA) to Ohio

Bound for Ohio via Sunbury, PA
In Sunbury's Caketown neighborhood, Moran Industries has been moving drill cuttings from trucks to train cars and shipping them to an undisclosed location in Ohio.

The trucks contain a mixed substance that gives off a strong chemical odor and appears to have soil, rock, mud, and woodchips in it, according to information published by Pennsylvania from Below .

The people who live near this transfer station are very concerned about the health effects of breathing the air. Moran Industries bought property for this new facility for $525,000 after demolition of a manufacturing plant that had polluted the neighborhood for 40 years.  One resident said that "everybody in this neighborhood that has died has died of cancer."

Ohio allows residual waste to be dumped as cover on top of landfills.  This is unlawful in PA. In PA this kind of toxic waste must be disposed of inside a landfill, or buried on the drill site.  Not any better of a solution really.  Moran says that the gas industry is lobbying to have PA's regulations changed to be more like those in Ohio.

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