Thursday, May 20, 2010

Natural Gas Drilling: Public Safety Officer Is Concerned in Bradford County (PA)

Gary Wilcox, Bradford County Public Safety Director (Photo credit: Eric Hrin, The Daily Review)

At a luncheon on Wednesday, May 19, at Towanda High School, Gary Wilcox, the county's public safety director,  expressed his considerable concern about deteriorating road conditions which can and do lead to serious problems- accidents, impassable roads, truck drivers unfamiliar with the PA terrain, among other unsafe situations facing first responders.  He is particularly concerned about school buses and the safety of school children.  A major stress on public safety is the gas drilling industry, he said.
One of the main concerns I have is school buses. These water trucks, the heavy equipment, they want to get from A to B as quick as they can. They're not used to driving on these roads. They're not used to the snow, the ice, the corners, the ups and downs. If you have a water truck and a school bus coming, the roads aren't that wide to begin with...
Wilcox said he can't do a lot about the roads because the county doesn't own the roads. However, he said he can call the township supervisors who can take appropriate action.

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