Monday, December 21, 2009

"Do you remember when they came?"

Don Young, who lives in Texas and has a blog FWCANDO, has written a powerful post this week. He starts:
I saw a great movie yesterday called "Flame and Citron," a true story about a pair of heroic resistance fighters in Nazi-occupied Denmark. It's WW2 and the Danish people have a mixture of fear and anger at the way the Nazis have taken over their Motherland. The tag-line of the film is: "Do you remember when they came?"
Young sees chilling parallels between then (1941) and now (2009)- to the Nazis and gas drillers.

Read his blog post here.

A patriot must always be ready to defend her city against her government.
-Edward Abbey
Thank you, Don Young, for your blog and for your tireless efforts on behalf of people affected by the harmful effects of gas drilling in Texas.

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Anonymous said...

yes, I have written recently about the parallels to Nazi Germany and the passive Jews that allowed their own extermination and how we are being invaded by Texas companies and molested and taken over and most of the county, Susquehanna, is passive and allowing of this; there are a few Resistance Fighters and like Nazi Germany, this gas movement will have its day and demise. Vera