Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Good Decision Is Reversed: Cabot Oil Is Given An Undeserved Thumbs Up By Judge

I feel a personal connection to my dear friends in Dimock, PA, because I became friends with quite a few residents of Susquehanna County in 2009 when I had my epiphany about the natural gas industry and the destruction it was causing, especially in Dimock which was hit so hard early on when hydrofracking started tearing up everything underground, causing water contamination and illness.  This weekend a judge vacated a case against Cabot Oil, taking away a $4 billion award to two families who have suffered so much in the last 8 years or more since Cabot ruined their perfectly good water.  Now the judge says a new trial would be required.  Read about the devastating news here.

This is the first post I have posted since September 2015.  I am so angry about this decision that I was compelled to return to my blog and write about it. 

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