Friday, March 28, 2014

Living In Gasland: New Milford, PA

Published on Mar 28, 2014

Vera Scroggins writes:
This is what a friend of mine in New Milford, Pa., on route 492 , has to hear across from her on a gas well pad with only one gas well in production and Southwestern Energy started with this small, noisy, smelly flare the past two days and why??? are they having problems with pressure and need to relieve it !! This gas pad is on her neighbors property and it's within 400' of the neighbor's home....

Yesterday they did this for about an hour from 9am to 10am, then again around noon. This has been in production for 8 months now so I have no idea why they would be doing this, but they just started again today at about 5pm. Thought I'd share it...

Carol responds:  This noise is unacceptable near residential areas.  The air pollution from flaring is also significant and should not be tolerated near people's homes.

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