Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Changing the Geology Under Our Feet: Risky!

"'When you keep drilling over and over and over again, whether it's into bedrock or into salt caverns, at some point you have fractured the integrity of this underground structure enough that something is in danger of collapsing,' observes ecologist and author Sandra Steingraber, whose work has focused on fracking and injection wells. 'It's an inherently dangerous situation.'"

"What could possibly go wrong when miners, frackers, and drillers reshape the geology beneath our feet? Talk to the evacuees of Bayou Corne, Louisiana." - Tim Murphy, Mother Jones.
Doesn't this make perfect sense?  Same with a tooth: The more a dentist drills, fills, caps, etc., a tooth, the more fragile it becomes, prone to cracking and breaking.

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smurfette said...

It does make sense. I saw the pictures and article about that community. There is a giant sucking hole that swallows up whole trees even now. The hard things are the uncertainties- what toxic stuff will rise up in the sinkhole (which happens)? what will happen to the water sources in the area? These peoples' lives are being destroyed because we are doing too many dangerous drilling projects and if we keep adding drilling projects on top of mining projects on top of our aquifers, we are just asking for trouble. Why endanger ourselves and our children for a few more years of fossil fuels?