Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gas Bridge To a Cooked Planet: Chip Northrup

Watch the trailer of Josh Fox's brilliant new documentary Gasland Part 2.

Below is Chip Northrup's commentary on the new documentary Gasland Part 2 by Josh Fox.


Northrup provides a lot of great information, including graphs showing what will happen in the near future if we continue to use fossil fuels or if we go to sustainables.

Where are we going when there is no more water to drink here on Planet Earth?


smurfette said...

Yes, that article also makes it clear how easy it is for Big Oil and Gas to buy off politicians, which makes the continued use of fossil fuels more likely. Ten to one hundred years from now doesn't seem all that long when we're talking about many contaminated water supplies.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a promoter with an Agenda!! I have to keep myself from laughing when I listen to a video of Chip Northrup telling everyone how the Utica Shale would only be economic in a few towns along the Pennsylvania Border !! I wonder what he as to say when trying to explain how some of the best trout fishing and hunting in both PA and NY State occurs in the very same regions where SHALLOW fracking of the traditional oil fields of those 2 states has been done since the 1950s and 1960s !!