Monday, April 22, 2013

Run! Run! Run!: A Letter From the Mayor of Dish, Texas

Our Family Summer Home in Bradford County, PA

"Run for your life! Run for the lives, health, safety and well-being of your family members and loved ones!  Run for the value of your estate!  There are billions of dollars under your feet, and people are coming to get it.  They do not care who or what they have to run over or through to get it.  It is an underground gold rush, with you or your property in the way."

"In September of 2011, I visited Ithaca, New York.  Two thoughts kept running through my mind in the several days I spent there.  One, I was glad to see this area up close before it gets destroyed.  Two, these people do not have any idea how much their world is about to change."

Read the entire letter here:

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smurfette said...

Yes, run run run- but where do we run to? I cannot imagine smelling gas every time I go outside. It's so, so sad.