Sunday, March 17, 2013

Silica Sand In Wyalusing, PA

Published on Dec 30, 2012 Welcome to the gasfields of PA. Silica sand is used as a proppent in the hydraulic fracturing process. The Wyalusing Silica Sand Transfer Station is located within a mile of 3 public schools and right next to a large daycare center. Silica dust caused silicosis, which is a fatal disease. Environmental scientist Dr. Yuri Gorby and retired UAW Health and Safety Officer Joe Shervinski are featured in the video.


smurfette said...

Who decided to put this Silica Sand Transfer Station right next to the daycare center? Are they certifiably insane? If they know the health risks, I'll bet that none of the people who had that bright idea have kids at that childcare center.

Anonymous said...

Yes the silica sand is really bad. I worked hauling sand for the gas wells and since I started I have never had so many health problems. Now I have breathing problems, I have also been diagnosed with cancer. I find it hard to sleep at night and my overall physical and mental well being have been diminished. The gas companys do not care about anything but their profits. They forsure are not worried about the future and the enviroment and neither are the companys that do work for them, they say that they do but all it is is BIG CORPORATE GREED>