Monday, November 28, 2011

Craig Sautner Speaks Out About Water (Gas Drilling Contamination)

Listen to Mr. Sautner's comments about the victory in delaying drilling in the Delaware Watershed and also about his dilemma in Dimock, PA, where Cabot Oil destroyed his water supply.  November 30th is the day when Cabot will no longer deliver fresh water to his home. His contaminated well has never been restored.

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smurfette said...

He wants the gas company officials to come to his house and drink the water? I think that sounds perfectly reasonable. They won't do it because they KNOW his water is poisonous due to fracking and they do not want to be held responsible. Well, guess what- they ARE responsible and they should continue providing water for this person and his family forever or until they find a way to clean up the aquifer.