Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Gasketeers

Used with permission from Stevo

In days of yore, long ago, the King of France had his own private guard to
protect him," the Musketeers". Our new King Gas has come up their own private
guard, " the 3 Gasketeers". Fear not my fellow fighters, for there was another,
known as " the fourth Musketeer".

That is you my friends, you are " the fourth and greatest Musketeer of all !
You prove daily that the pen is mightier than their sword. So, draw that pen from
it's scabbard, raise it to the sky, and say " I'll never go thirsty again"! Thanks.

Gasfucius says : " Our lives are the sum total of our experiences. But it is not just
the experiences, it's the people we experience it with. So let's not be a "Mouseketeer" ! "


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