Friday, March 11, 2011

Our Family Home in Bradford County, PA, Is Class One for Pipelines

My family owns summer property in Bradford County, PA, right on the Susquehanna River, our beloved river.  Pipelines to service the invasion of the natural gas industry will soon cover our neighborhood like a bad spider web.  We are considered "Class One."  That means it is an area with fewer than ten homes within 220 yards on either side of the pipeline in a sliding mile.  A Class One area is UNREGULATED, meaning exactly what it sounds like: no state, federal, or local laws apply, no authority has jurisdiction and no one can levy or enforce safety or any other measures.

Well, I guess we are pretty much scr#@&*!   At the present time, according to a Rocket-Courier report, there are no setbacks required for pipelines from homes, play areas, or property lines.  A Mehoopany resident claims that, in addition, pipelines will not run along roadways and through center of towns, but rather be sited through fields and backyards.



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smurfette said...

Well, I kinda liked having trees around Camp.Will they at least plant six-inch seedlings when they mow them all down? Now, if they would concentrate on only removing nettles but leaving berries and ferns and trees, I would be happy. But, if they turn the valley into a moonscape like they did God's Hill? Well, that is what they usually do and it isn't pretty. I guess the little white church is leased. How much of their land will be bull-dozed and will the Hutchinson family plot have dust, concrete, or the smell of sludge pits when we visit the graves? Industialization of an area like French Azilum is just plain wrong in so many ways. The fresh air, the beauty, the river, and the quiet starlit nights are worth more than a few extra years of fossil fuels will be.