Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Grand Old Susquehanna Keeps On Rollin' from Don Williams on Vimeo.

This short video was taken February 20, 2011, by Don Williams.  Wyalusing, Route 6
This river and ALL our rivers are the lungs of our fragile planet and need to be protected.  The gas drilling industry does not care about our rivers.  They are pouring toxins in the Susquehanna via inadequate water treatment facilities (and some illegal discharges caught on video, too).

Kudos to The Susquehanna River Sentinel for its excellent coverage of this environmental crisis.


smurfette said...

Boy, oh boy! That NY Times article was something, eh? My favorite part was the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection guy.He said, "We simply can't keep up. There's too much waste." But, THEN, he said, "If we're too hard on them, the companies might just stop reporting their mistakes." Is he so delusional and/or brain-washed that he actually thinks that the companies report their mistakes NOW? You and I have seen several instances which were not reported via videos from several people of spills, which happened in PA. As in many businesses, big gas companies cut corners to make more money. However, when these cheap methods affect the safety of public health, well, if I were in charge, the CEOs would have to take a pay cut in order for the companies to use safer methods.Jeepers, if they just took a pay FREEZE like most teachers in upstate NY are doing now, maybe they could save a few waterways.This stinks- literally and figuratively.

Peacegirl said...

Smurfette is referring to the NYT article which appeared on the front page February 27th:

Thanks for your comment, Smurf!