Friday, January 28, 2011

Pennsylvanians for Human Life: Are they anti-drilling?

Pro-lifers held a rally in Towanda Saturday, January 22nd, on the steps of the courthouse on Main Street.  Then on Monday they went to Washington, DC, to lobby their newly-elected and pro-life legislators, Congressman Tom Marion and Senator Pat Toomey. 

I am wondering this:
  Are these same people as passionate about children who are already here?  Will they speak out against gas wells being put within feet of schools?  Are they concerned about the extreme dangers on our roads due to over-sized gas trucks?  How serious are they about the detrimental effects of toxins in the air from compressor stations and flaring activity?  What about low frequency noise which can cause harmful effects on the human body, enough to send people to a hospital?  Are these same people worried about our water quality? 

Are Rep. Marion and Sen. Toomey going to fight for our environment and human health in Washington?

Read an article from The Rocket-Courier here:  LINK

Mike Kilmer of Wyalusing, who headed up this rally said,
"We're here to challenge our nation's conscience."
May the anti-abortion people also fight for the environment and human health for the living by fighting just as hard for drilling regulations and reform in Pennsylvania. Otherwise there is a huge disconnect in logic going on here.

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