Friday, December 3, 2010

Do you support the moratorium in NY State? Please Vote

Support the bill which asks for no new permits for natural gas drilling in NY State at least through May 2011.

Please vote here:

Also call Governor Paterson and urge him to sign the bill:


NY State Assembly Bill  A-11443

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Brian said...

Hey Peacegirl,

I need to get in touch with you about this new development and in order to continue communicating with you about fracking opposition.

Please DO NOT post my email onto your blog. Its just that Blogger is too poorly designed to permit me to reach you via email or other direct message.

Potential Fracking Disaster Ahead: Cuomo May Tap PA's John Hanger for Top Environmental Post

Governor Cuomo has not announced whom he will appoint as the new NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner, but he is apparently considering John Hanger. Hanger has been criticized for failing to respond to ongoing catastrophic fracking accidents, many leading to widespread water contamination, that have happened on his watch.

(full details at the link above)

Thank you,
- Brian Yurko

PS: I am compiling organizational contact info of our fracking friends for Frack Action. If you would like to recommend a particular person be the point person for your organization please let me know, or write to Julia and tell her to let me know you have contacted her directly.