Saturday, November 20, 2010

SPLASHDOWN Flicks: Bradford County, PA, Gas Drilling

This video was filmed by Karen Korell of Towanda, PA.  She was an artist and an environmental activist all her life.  She died last August after a long illness.  I miss her so much.  She would be doing more videos if she were still with us.  Her last blog post was written only two weeks before she died.  She kept up the fight as long as she possibly could. 

This video shows the well pad on Vial Hill Road, Bradford County, PA.  NOMAC Rig #117.  I watched this well site go up.  It is a hideous blemish on a beautiful landscape.
In memory of Karen Korell
She loved the Earth.


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering why SPLASHDOWNPA hadn't been updated in a while, I know why now that I read this. Thank you for the information. It is such sad news! :(

Peacegirl said...

Yes, Karen's death leaves a huge hole in the fight against environmental pollution and destruction due to gas drilling. She is sorely missed by all of us.

Anonymous said...

I ,too,was wondering what happened to "SplashDown" is an excellent source for news alerting us to the issues related to the insanity of MS drilling ...
so very sorry to read of Ms Korell's passing..she was a courageous lady with extreme foresight..
God Bless her and her family..
may her legacy continue to thrive as we take up her cause..