Monday, November 2, 2009

This Just In: The Gathering Line From the National Alliance For Drilling Reform

Gathering Line - a special pipeline that transports gas from the field to the main pipeline.

The Gathering Line is a round-up of oil & gas drilling news brought to you by National Alliance for Drilling Reform (NA4DR), a broad alliance of grassroots activists from states across the nation that are affected with drilling development.

This week's Gathering Line is too scary for Halloween

Peacegirl writes about gas drilling in Bradford County, PA. Welcome To Bradford County, PA, calls attention to an article in the Fall 2009 issue of Save the Bay, the magazine of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation which features the North Branch Susquehanna River in Bradford County. From the blog Gas Wells Are Not Our Friends where your comments are always welcome.

Aruba Petroleum is drilling a Barnett Shale gas well in the backyard of Tim and Christine. Their property was taken, it's value diminished, they were threatened and now Aruba Petroleum spilled toxic drilling waste a few feet from where their daughter plays. Another tale (with VIDEO) about the Victims of the Shale on Bluedaze: DRILLING REFORM FOR TEXAS.

Allegheny State Forests Littered!! Park Management Tries To Bring Drilling To A Halt And Are Met With IntimidationRead it at Cheap

Tricks and Costly Truths.

Today’s environmental horrors could lead to a scary Sci-Fi future. Drilling Santa Fe offers an excerpt from Apocalypse Soon by Laura Paskus.

Meanwhile, Splashdown says, Kiss myGas!

Williams Petroleum wants to pipe drilling waste water under our homes in Flower Mound, TX to a huge tank farm. Flower Mound Citizens Against Urban Drilling we discovered an alternative that is safer and greener. Williams claims to be a "good neighbor." Here's their chance to prove it.

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Anonymous said...

from Maryland:
1) I assume that off-the-grid gas means natural and methane gas (obtained from farms, landfills, lakes, etc)which there is presently more than our atmosphere can take (global warming) and one does not have to dig for. Why don't the mining companies obtain gas from these sites; helping the environment instead of killing it. Delaware with its poultry farms could supply M.D., V.A. and N.J.with natural gas by recycled farm waste.
2) If I where you I would get a list of names from Bradford county demanding an immediate stop to gas well digging and manufacturing. Refuse to pay land tax since obviously you don't own the land you live on why should you pay tax on it?
3) UNFORTUNATELY you are not the only ones. These companies seem to be covert. I don't remember voting for if I want natural gas in my county or state. A vote should read if in fact there is any: Would you like natural gas or clean water since natural gas developers will destroy your water supply.
4)The piping of said material is also hazardous since it is always leaking out and counties, land developers and real estate companies are being sued. Something local counties and states can ill afford at present.
5) The mining is taking place in areas of the country that most people would like to live (i.e. communication age-people leaving cities); beautiful mountains and lakes.
6) We can live without natural gas but we can not live without clean water!!!!! If there was a vote allowed in this country (u.s.) today 90% would vote to out-law these mining companies from digging. They are more than welcome to take it from the (dairy,poultry)farms. How is it that our States and Government is allowing this?