Monday, August 3, 2009

Gas Drillers Help With Archaeological Dig

An archaeological dig was undertaken this summer in French Azilum at the historic site where French settlers briefly established a community in the late 18th century. A doctoral candidate at Cornell is doing her doctoral thesis on French Azilum history. During the dig this summer, many volunteers came to help with the digging of the site, which took place from June 9 to August 8. About four or five different people came each day, with about 10 regulars who came to help often. Along with individuals getting to experience the work of an archaeologist, Boy Scout troops, school groups, and families came to experience the dig.
Even a gas company from the area had 10 employees come over to work at the site for a while.
Drilling for artifacts instead of natural gas just seemed like a logical progression I guess. Gas drillers try to be such good neighbors as we all know. And they are so interested in the natural beauty and historical significance of French Azilum and Bradford County, PA., one of the areas being destroyed by natural gas drilling day by day, well by well. Perhaps the gas drillers were from Chesapeake Appalachia. This company has given money for a day care center and donated to the Daily Review in Towanda to help teachers use the newspaper in their classrooms. Their philanthropy is questionable, of course, but they do claim to care about the people of Bradford County. I think they have claimed that people are their first priority. The person who is at the top of the list of people they care about is their CEO Aubrey McClendon who got millions of dollars in bonuses last year. I don't think Bradford County has seen that kind of money yet.

Read the article about this dig in the Towanda Daily Review here.


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