Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Daily Review Thanks Voldemort

Main Street, Towanda, PA

Heaping praise on a corporation which is bringing air, water, and soil pollution, health hazards, deforestation, road deterioration, and habitat depletion to the county is questionable. Thanking Chesapeake Energy Corporation for a paltry $6,000 donation for Partners in Education is like thanking your executioner for cooking your last meal steak to perfection. We all realize, do we not, that $6,000 to Chesapeake Energy, which reported a top line income of 1.67 billion this past June, is imperceptible and only given to create the illusion of community support. Why do some Bradford County citizens feel they must be grateful and appreciative for this little manipulative "gift?" Isn't it obvious that they are being led down a rosy path that leads to a gravel road and a toxic well pad? Make that hundreds of well pads. Some gifts carry a heavy price.

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it's those gullible people!
keep up the excellent job you're doing to open people's minds and hearts to a bigger, more inclusive picture of reality. thank you peacegirl.

Don Williams said...

Ditto to the first comment. I attended a recent SRBC meeting in Elmira concerning streamlined water withdrawals for the drilling companies. The reporter from Channel 10 said it was his fouth such meeting involving Marcellus Shale drilling and that the VAST majority of folks who spoke were against the use of our waters for "hydrofracking". WE need to continue to get the word out. This is an excellent blog.

Peacegirl said...

Thanks Splashdown and Don Williams for your comments! I hope people will visit your web sites, too. They are well worth looking at!

I'm thinking about the SRBC and wondering why this body which has the power to limit consumptive water use is not using its leverage to protect our water. Is the SBRC in cahoots with the gas industry?