Monday, June 27, 2011

Colorado Man Speaks in Vestal, NY, About His Life After Hydrofracking

Appaloosa horses

Rick Roles comes from Colorado to warn us in Vestal, NY,  about the effects of hydrofracking. It has poisoned his land and destroyed his livestock, including his beautiful Appaloosa stallions, all but one dead and buried. The rancher's health is ruined, too, and his story will bring you to tears.           

Watch Rick Roles' talk here:

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smurfette said...

This man is an incredibly giving, intelligent person. He has really REALLY been "FRACKED" by the gas companies: he has seen his beloved horses and goats die, he has had major-league physical impairments due to chemical poisoning from the drilling chemicals in his backyard, and he has lost his life's work. Does he sit at home and feel sorry for himself? NO! He uses his energy to warn others about the dangers of hydrofracking and spends what is left of his life trying to prevent tragedies from happening to other people.