Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sinkholes and Gas Drilling Go Hand in Hand

A sinkhole in Troy causes a problem
Photo: Eric Hrin
 Tuesday a resident of Troy, PA,  found herself in a pickle.  Her car got stuck in a sinkhole in a parking lot.  My question is:  Is the gas drilling in the area possibly responsible for this sinkhole?    It was reported by the car's owner that there have been at least 7 cars stuck in the sinkhole before.

According to, there are 71 wells drilled so far in Troy.  It is something that should be investigated.

Read the Towanda Daily Review, click here.

 Here is a blog post dealing with the sinkhole issue in Texas:

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smurfette said...

Great Scott! After reading the Texas blog, I guess this woman was lucky that it was a mud-type sinkhole and not the 60X50X48feet deep ones that she reported about. An employee NOTICED that one when he reported for work? He NOTICED it? Something as miniscule as that? He must have EAGLE-STRENGTH VISION! :( That's one mighty-big hole- too big even to be made into a frack pit. She also said that pipeline trenches, dug using horizontal drilling, are falling in and taking whole pine trees with them. Now, that would be startling to be admiring a forest and-WHOOSH- one of the pine trees disappears. So, I guess this is one more thing to watch out for as drivers- sinkholes. What next? The trees in the path to the river start disappearing? As a family, we'd better not vote to put in pipelines there, eh?