Monday, June 6, 2011

Natural Gas Drilling: Hunting Club Faces Contaminated Water in PA

The Susquehanna River in French Azilum, PA
Site of the old Rod and Gun Club
Photo: Carol Manuel
A local watering hole called Reeds Spring is a well-known spot for hunters to get clean water.  People from nearby hunting camps used to line up with water jugs.  It was a place to meet people from other camps.  But now instead of clean water, there stands a big sign saying,  "CONTAMINATED WATER."  A torn liner under a drill cuttings pit allowed leakage of toxic chemicals which contaminated groundwater feeding the spring nearly two years ago.

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The economic impacts of gas drilling are affecting this major industry.  Pennsylvania would do well to protect the forests and streams and rivers in order to preserve the hunting and fishing industry which brings in money to the commonwealth.  Once the environment is destroyed, there will be no re-starting the vast areas of pristine areas thousands of people come to enjoy every year.

Note: If you look very carefully in the above photo, you will see tiny dots about midway in the picture.  These dots are members of my family floating down the river in inner tubes, a family tradition for decades. 

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smurfette said...

I must have missed this one. I especially like the reference to the "gassy Marcellus Shale"- never heard it called that before. I guess the spring "cleansed itself" by going downhill, but it's hard to believe and they admit that levels are still not at safe drinking water levels. The gas companies treat human beings as if they were annoyances in the way of their money, and they (as the hunting club rep said) pay TEENY LITTLE fines when compared to the wealth at their disposal. Dad was right- this industry is going to wreck Camp and it looks like it will wreck many, many places in PA. Let us pray that NY is not next for ruin.