Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Shale Gas Drilling Rocks


10. Creates jobs for road repair crews, EMTs, lawyers, nurses,
physicians, marriage counselors, firefighters, law enforcement
officers, & meth dealers & has added bonus of providing extra income for corrupt politicians

9. Drilling noise easily drowns out next-door neighbor's kid's
garage band

8. Devastated landscape, loss of green space, & clouds of killer
smog mean less hiking & biking & LOTS more time for TV

7. Eliminates hours of tedious trout fishing by "pre-killing" your

6. Flammable tap water livens up any party

5. Putting off the inevitable switch to renewable energy sources is
the American way

4. Fulfills your California-dreamin' fantasies by bringing
earthquakes to YOUR home town

3. Makes slow & boring process of disintegration of the American
community a lot more exciting by actively setting neighbor against

2. Provides important object lesson on why you should read a gas
lease BEFORE you sign it

1. Helps the kids learn that money is more important than anything


Anonymous said...

Hi, Carol!I listened to several of the you tube talks and read this article. Now, of course, my back is broken by all the work I do for Camp, but will I complain? Of COURSE not. Thank God for you. You are the only one in our entire family- HUNDREDS of Hutchinsons- who has bothered to RESEARCH THE FACTS. By the time others comprehend this unfolding ecological disaster, Frenchtown will be pretty much uninhabitable, but you, my heroine sister, have done your best to just bring the facts out. You have my respect and admiration for your work. Love, Laurie

Peacegirl said...

Thank you, sister in crime!