Monday, June 29, 2009

Barnett Shale From the Air: Watch and Weep

See the true cost of gas! Natural gas is just another dirty fossil fuel. A [Barnett Shale] drilling rig operating for 3 months has the same impact as a city of 4,000 people—water use, solid waste generation, air emissions and traffic.
[David Burnett, Dir. Global Petroleum Research Institute, a collaborative research organization representing 12 major international oil producing companies]

Thanks to TXsharon and Bluedaze: Drilling Reform for Texas for this video. TXsharon is a tireless advocate for public health and safety and the irreplaceable environment we take for granted on this planet. She does her work as a volunteer inspite of repeated attempts to discredit her, intimidate her, and silence her.

People of the Marcellus Shale, this is what an industrial zone looks like. The rolling hills of Pennsylvania will soon resemble this landscape. Most of us didn't know the landmen were combing the country, getting landowners to sign gas leases. Now it is probably too late to stop it. All we have left is to regulate the industry as much as we can. However, the gas industry is the most unregulated industry in the nation. We are limited to a few things like road use and permits for water use. Don't give any gas company a free ride.



Anonymous said...

You must not heat your home, or drive a car, or run the air conditioner...then!

Peacegirl said...

Well, of course, I like everyone else have lived in the Oil Age. I drive a car, use heat in the winter. AC not a lot. However, we are probably at peak oil or have passed it. We must get off the oil way of life. Why destroy the planet by extracting every last drop of natural gas before we start to learn a new way of life? What will be left for our children and grandchildren? We really don't have a choice about getting off oil. The only reason we are going gangbusters on gas drilling is because some people are making a killing. And the US is exporting some natural gas and will probably export more and more, selling to the highest bidder. This isn't about becoming energy independent.