Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fracking Intimidation: Vera Scroggins Edition

on Apr 21, 2015
Cabot Oil and Gas does not tolerate dissent. They've used lies and intimidation to silence Vera Scroggins, who does citizen tours around Dimock Pennsylvania. But the harassment of any and all critics is very common - I found this out personally as I filmed installation across America. I was reported to Homeland Security for filming a gas refinery - Homeland security gave my boss a call after they tracked the license plate on the rented car I was driving to him. "To know who rules over you, find out who you can not criticize" The fossil fuel industry - using the fracking boom - has decided we will remain on fossil fuels no matter what science says. Silencing critics is pone way they get this done - which destroying our democracy, our environment and our communities at the same time.

"Vera Scroggins, a Pennsylvania grandmother who gives tours of her local area to people interested in knowing more about fracking, could be jailed for her work. Cabot Gas and Oil has been trying to stop her citizen tours by using false claims to place a legal injunction against her. Cabot's attack on Vera reached a zenith this Spring when an industry worker falsely testified that Vera Scroggins violated the court's order.

Vera has many witnesses who testified that the worker was wrong and Vera was well within the boundary set for her by the injunction. But the judge, who has financial interests in the gas industry - rejected the testimony of three witnesses and accepted the testimony of the singular gas worker who had no proof of his claims.

Why is Cabot so dead set on punishing Mrs. Scroggins? Cabot takes this approach with anyone who defies them. The corporation uses local media propagandists and local pro-gas groups to harass, intimidate and obstruct all opposition. This time Cabot Gas and Oil hopes to jail a critic based on false testimony.

Vera is encouraging anyone in the area to come to the Montrose Courthouse on Thursday, April 23, at 1:30 to stand in support of democracy, decency and justice."

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Anonymous said...

The next time she gives a tour she should have the visitors take a video of the whole thing, parking, walking to the site, walking back, and have everything on a timeline so that these kind of false charges cannot be made. I would video the arrival of the car by videotaping from a couple of miles down the road so that there is a longer time frame that her whereabouts are known for. She can videotape using a second camera while sitting in the car, showing where she is. She may need to wear a body camera like the police are all getting. If she gets one she should not tell the gas companies about it. Keep it is silent evidence for the next time.