Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where does the frack waste go? New Yorkers, beware!

Notes from No Fracking Way

Chip Northrup writes:

Neither the waste haulers nor the NY DEC can be trusted regarding frack waste. There is simply more frack waste coming out of Fracksylvania than the frackers know what to do with. Fracksylvania’s DEP does not track the filth beyond state lines, so once the truck is in New York, it’s home free. The hauler will say that it is “salt water” that it is “brine” that it smells like roses. The haulers get paid by the load, not by the hour, so it is in their best interest to simply make the stuff go bye-bye as expeditiously as possible.
When it comes to fracking, the lead agency within the NY DEC is the Division of Mineral Resources - which is literally a revolving door to fracking. The DMR is the fracker’s auxiliary in Albany. Full stop.
The result is that loads of frack waste are coming across the border into New York state. Most of it untested, Some of it entirely unaccounted for.
There is only one plausible solution: ban the disposal of oil and gas waste products – at the town, county and state level. Take your pick.

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