Thursday, June 26, 2014

Panda Liberty Power Plant in Asylum Township, PA

Published on Jun 26, 2014 This is in Asylum Township, Bradford Co., Pa. There is two-gas-fired combined cycle powerblocks with combustion turbines and heat recovery steam generators with duct burner. Also, there will be a 1464 bhp diesel-fired, emergency generator, 460 bhp diesel-fired fire pump, 1600 gallon diesel tank, 300 gallon diesel tank, and two, lube oil tanks at 1500 gallons each. From the Plan Approval, here are the emissions permitted by PA DEP/EPA.

233.5 tons per year CO 206.8 tons per year
NOX 2.48 tons per year formaldehyde
12.5 tons per year HAP
105 tons per year PM (PM/PM10/PM2.5 including condensable PM)
28.4 tons per year SO2
4.4 tons per year sulfuric acid mist
2,960,271 tons per year greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalent)

This is the latest in the ongoing, expanding footprint of Gas Extraction; costing hundreds of millions. This site is surrounded by homes....  

Thanks to Vera Scroggins for this video.

In addition to many residential homes which are very close to this power plant,  there used to be fields and farm land, too, which is gone forever.

Check out the permitted air pollution!  Wow!  If I were sitting on the porch across from this, I sure would look forward to a summer evening breathing sulfuric acid mist. Let's just look at that for a minute.  I looked it up and found:

"Sulfuric acid mist irritates the skin, eyes, nose and throat, and lungs. Exposure to high concentrations can cause severe damage at all these sites.
Exposure over many years could cause difficulty breathing or erosion of the teeth.
The NIOSH studies indicate that acid mist may cause larynx and lung cancer."

What will the residents do?  Will they sell, or try to sell?  Who would buy a home across from this massive industrial plant?

This power plant has an address of 151 Liberty Lane.  It is located on State Route 187 not far from the intersection of Route 6.

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