Thursday, November 7, 2013

Natural Gas Drilling: Bradford County, PA

Published on Jan 13, 2013 FROM THE FRONTLINES welcomes David Bohlander, Accountant and Business Consultant.

Dave's home has been occupied by the gas industry known as "hydrofracking". Living in Wyalusing PA, in the heart of fracking in Bradford County, the water wells on his wife's 7th generation family farm were contaminated after the Slick Water Hydraulic Fracturing began.


smurfette said...

Dave has the right idea, and I hope that the people in PA WILL revolt and save some of their state. Stuff coming up from the soil MUST be from farming or oil from the trucks, right? Well, in one case at least it was TOULENE! What are they thinking? Like Dave said, if nothing is done, the gas companies will be long gone and leave the families with polluted water and air. Dave said the politicians will be judged when they die, but I hope they get their comeuppance a bit sooner than that.

darlnewton said...

Gee Dave I did not realize how famous you are? Yes I sold my self to the devil and you know the story, BUT I did not and NEVER did sign up for the destruction of our beautiful Lake that you see that sits behind him in this film. OUR Politicians have FAILED US! There is nothing worth the bubbles that spew from the geyser pots in the Lake! I have tried to voice my word and what you say is right Dave NOBODY listens! Chesapeake's own Professional water tester told my husband I we were lucky we did not blow up! Their water tester also said we were F-d, lovely! I have methane in my drinking water and I have to check the methane meter before I take a crap, lovely! Methane Migration which is occurring directly behind Mr. Bolanders body in this film, is not only occurring in one spot but numerous geysers are spewing all over! These geysers are a sign that the gas well fracked was NOT cased properly thus because of the lack of ethics and morals of the gas fracker we now have opens cracks thus allowing lord only knows what into that beautiful body of water shown! Do NOT think I did not complain my voice has not been heard! You can scream and NO ONE CARES! The worse part is if you complain to the politicians all they do is LIE to you! Never in my life have I seen such greed and out right lying to people, all for the almighty dollar, it disgusts me as Dave says it is beyond despicable!
Darlene M Newton
PS: Nice film Dave but I am not sure anybody will hear I pray they do before our home is destroyed!

Peacegirl said...

Darlene, thank you for your comments here. I am so sorry to hear the huge problems you have on a daily basis. This just adds another name to those who are being harmed, and every person is so important- not really "just another name." I agree- we hear thr politicians continue to lie and mislead, all for what? Votes? Money? It is such a tragedy.