Friday, April 12, 2013

Wastewater Treatment in Standing Stone, PA

Standing Stone, PA
Susquehanna River
According to Eureka Resources, LLC, the new frack wastewater treatment plant in Standing Stone, PA, will not endanger the environment.  The gas company is planning to dump  discharge up to 200,000 gallons of water a day into the Susquehanna River.  Supposedly the discharged water will be clean enough to meet the standards for drinking water.  I take a really dim view of this opinion.  The types of water the plant will treat include "flowback water from hydraulic fracturing of gas wells and water that comes out of the well bore later on."

I thought this was interesting:  Eureka was planning to discharge treated water into King Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River that flows through the property where the plant is being constructed.  But residents that attended an informational session informed the Eureka officials that this creek dries up at times.  OOPS!!  So the company went to Plan B.  It seems to me that the fact of the creek running dry would already be known by a company looking for a source of water to dump treated wastewater into.  Why did this come as a surprise?  It makes me wonder what else they have not adequately researched.

I would like to see all the top executives of Eureka drink this "drinkable" water exclusively for a month and see how they make out with it.  Good luck!

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