Monday, April 15, 2013

Oil Pipeline Bursts, Oil Flows Into Yellowstone River April 13

Latest news from Montana:  The ExxonMobil oil pipeline below the Yellowstone River burst late Friday night leaking oil into the river and contaminating the local waterway.

Alexis Bonogofsky, who lives on the river and has a farm,  said she could see, "birds trying to take off that couldn’t because of oil on their wings. I saw a spiny soft shell turtle dive into a glob of oil."

What did Exxon say to the property owner?  Exxon officials told Alexis that she should not document the effects the spill has on her property and that she should stay from the oil "just to be safe." They told her "off the record" that she should move her livestock away from the parts of the farm affected by the spill.

When is this nightmare going to end? Old pipelines are in need of replacement. They are failing, bursting, wreaking havoc. 

Read the horrifying story here.

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smurfette said...

Yes, they are too busy building more pipes to fix or replace the old ones. Our planet is in trouble.