Monday, February 18, 2013

George Feighner of New Jersey: "I cry for my trees..."

Published on Feb 17, 2013 George Feighner, wept today (2/16) as 70-year old white pines were clearcut less than 100 feet from his front door by pipeline contractors who started cutting yesterday morning after receiving a Notice to Proceed from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday (2/4). George is an 86-year old man in Montague, NJ living just off the banks of the Delaware River, and had his 60-acre property condemned for eminent domain to be the path of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Loop 323. The upgraded pipeline will transport Marcellus Shale gas to Mahwah, NJ giving enormous incentives for the industry to fully develop the shale and build new natural gas power plants, including the one proposed in Newark, NJ. George has been involved in a legal appeal for over a year of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's decision. FERC members have all been appointed or re-appointed by Barack Obama who spoke in favor of "cutting the red tape for oil and gas permits" during his State of the Union. Obama holds the power to order his Army Corps of Engineers representative on the Delaware River Basin Commission to stop this project and put it under further review and has yet to act, as well as Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Jack Markell, Governor Chris Christie, and Governor Tom Corbett. Tennessee Gas Pipeline company is itself a subsidiary of El Paso, which is a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan of Tar Sands oil pipeline fame. Check out our website for actions you can take to support our struggle to stop the Tennessee Pipeline, even if you can't be with us here in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. By: Stop the Tennessee Gas Pipeline

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