Monday, January 21, 2013

Jessica Ernst: The Consequences of Fracking

Ms. Ernst talks about the dark side of nature. She tells of her findings: Gas companies have learned that, in order to get away with destroying communities, they have to make communities sick. So they capitalize on greed, money, things that people want, and go in to communities and plant seeds to encourage these negative emotions. For the most part, people in communities do the gas company's job for them by creating ill will, polarization, and false hopes that lead to fragmentation of community. Communities become sick and vulnerable to the promises of prosperity. Brilliant method of making people work for their own demise.

Jessica Ernst said: No healthy community will allow hydraulic fracturing so they have to make the community sick -- And they do so by feeding the dark side a human nature which is greed, sloth, selfishness they feed the ego they promise a little bit... ...and then whammo, the community is divided. The people with concerns are then abused by the people who want more money and Encana doesn't even have to do the dirty work! A lot of the other companies; the people in the communities do the dirty work for them. It's an incredibly brilliant technique which works very well. Everywhere they're fracking this is happening. And my conclusion as a scientist, and as an environmental biologist-- as an environmental specialist that has worked in this industry... My conclusion is that no healthy community on this planet would allow hydraulic fracturing because it is not safe,  It is impossible to do even with the best rules and regulations.

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