Sunday, August 12, 2012

Montrose (PA) Truck Traffic From Gas Industry

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In Montrose, Pa. , on route 29 , around 6 pm. , through business district. Longest procession yet. I stopped taping at five minutes and it was still going on for another couple of minutes. Frack trucks, sand trucks, water trucks, etc..

New Yorkers do not want this-  I hope.


Fish Creek Neighbor said...

Creepy. Looks like an army invasion, and for those who live in those homes, it must feel like a war zone. My heart goes out to you guys in Montrose for this injustice you are suffering. I encourage you to continue taking lots of photos and videos to show and educate the world about our move towards clean energy.

Peacegirl said...

Fish Creek Neighbor- Yes, a war zone. That's what it feels like. It's like a military occupation. The gas industry owns the roads just about. It is downright scary, trying to drive in this kind of traffic. There have been fatalities. Vera, who took this video is a relentless and brave fighter for the people of NEPA where she lives. God bless Vera and her continuing efforts to stop fracking. She is trying to show NYers that it is really bad and not to let hydrofracking/horizontal drilling be allowed in NY. Gov. Cuomo is leaning towards allowing it.

smurfette said...

Reminds me a little of the liberation lines of trucks after WWII, but these trucks aren't there for a celebration- they are there to pollute the area as quickly as possible before too many people notice the horrific side-effects of their industry. God save NY AND PA and everywhere else in which fracking is contemplated or done!

Anonymous said...

Vera, the same thing is happening in our area of PA which would be the beautiful Pine Creek valley in Lycoming County. The gas industry has used up almost all of the water in Pine Creek, destroyed our roads, taken over hunting areas that my family has used for years, cut down so many trees, and have killed so many wildlife. We have had deaths on our roads from gas workers driving under the influence or high on drugs, or just driving too fast, or from a combination, and the local bars are full every night, because the gas workers either go in before work and sit for several hours or go in after work and sit for several hours, either way they are driving at an intoxicated level. We have asked for police help but to no prevail. We are on our own and no one cares about us. I can't believe NY would even give one thought to this industry moving into the state, however, money talks and obviously the right politicians are getting their pockets filled just like Tommy Corbett did in PA!