Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whistleblower Truck Driver

The gas industry is lying to us. Hear what this former truck driver has to say about what he was asked to do.


smurfette said...

Thank goodness that there is one individual willing to stand up and say, "The Emperor has no clothes!" They laughed at him when he wanted a hazmat suit when cleaning out the trucks- what's the matter, buddy? Don't you enjoy being in contact with benzene and other hazardous chemicals?Obviously there is illegal dumping. I would like an accounting of the number of gallons of hazardous waste leaving the drilling site vs. the number of gallons reaching the hazardous waste dump. THEN we'd know how much of it is going on roadsides and in rivers!I cannot BELIEVE these companies are not held accountable in any way, but that seems to be the case.

John Slesinger said...

Thats exactly right. These companies are above the law and believe they have the right to do anything. I actually took pictures of a company burying frac water and turned the pictures in to the DEP. All the DEP did was argue with me. After several months, the company was cited for "improper encapsulation of waste" Of course they did not have to clean it up. People in this country have no rights, only big companies and the public employees they have bought.

Fish Creek Neighbor said...

Seems like these companies who haul produced water are always hiring drivers. The high turn over speaks volumes.