Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homer Simpson on Fracking


Anonymous said...

I assume because your land is situated in America the land was bought/paid for or leased? EVERYTHING was written out in a contract, and paid for. So if the company came in, expropriated your land and didnt pay anything, then YES I do understand the plight, but I doubt this is the case. No I do not work for any gas company, I am not paid a cent and work in clothing retail before you chose to name call or accuse. I chose to read actual facts. IF your family didnt sign a thing and the company invaded your land I am with you 100% but can you say your family wasn't paid anything?
Because I am accostomed to dealing with ostriches I dont mind being called names then blocked, comes par for the course for those who refuse to even read "the other side".

Peacegirl said...

Hello, Anonymous-
The family homestead is not leased to a gas company. Did you know that unleased land is impacted just as much as leased land? The gas industry invades the ground under our feet, under our homes. Everything is connected underground, and no one can be sure what will happen once toxic chemicals are injected. Eighty percent of fracking fluids never come back up. I do not believe there is an "other side" to this. If a living thing, like the earth beneath us which is an ecosystem all its own, is killed, what is "the other side"? So I hope you are 100% behind the fight to save our planet. We all need clean water, soil, and air to live. It's universal, isn't it. No corporation should be allowed to make a profit on an industry that renders our planet unable to sustain life. It's forever. No going back.