Friday, May 18, 2012

Snake Creek Bubbling With Methane In Susquehanna County, PA

Went to Snake Creek today, 5-18-12, and taped these bubbles streaming up and put a barbecue lighter to them which ignited the bubbles---watch -- this is in Franklin Forks near the swimming hole rope hanging from a large tree-- about 35 feet from the tree along the bank. Next to Snake Creek Marina , off route 29 , Franklin Forks, Susquehanna County, Pa. I've written and called the DEP and other regulatory agencies to investigate this. This is also near the 4 homes that recently since March were publicly equipped with methane venting stacks for high methane in their water wells. This is down the road from a gas drilling pad with four gas wells.

Anti-fracking Warrior
Susquehanna County, PA


TXsharon said...

Do you remember the video I made of us lighting bubbles in the Ruggiero's pasture after fracking?

What a tragedy this is.

Peacegirl said...

Yes, I do remember that! It is a tragedy, yes. Thanks, Texas Sharon, for all you do and for all you suffer in this fight. You have been an enormous help to us struggling in the Marcellus Shale.


Anonymous said...

I am no friend of the gas industry but with all due respect, what's your point here? I would be more convinced of the supposed hazards of methane in a stream bed had your blog post at least bothered to include mention of some negative impact of any kind. Though methane is a major component of greenhouse gases I believe if you research this you will not find any direct hazard or toxicity to stream flora and fauna. In fact, wetlands are the major natural source of methane globally. Landfills and even your compost pile are other lesser sources as well. See:

If you really care about the environment then it is probably best to educate yourself and be certain the sky is actually falling before getting people worked up over the same. Gas migration such as what you illustrate may or may not be related to fracking at all. Gas migration into water wells is and was common in many of the surrounding areas long before horizontal fracking came on the scene. Ask any old water well driller in the gas shale areas. I'm sure each will have a number of gas stories to share with you from the old days.