Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Does the Gas Industry Do To Our Roads: Amazing Video from PA

Silver Creek Rd., Franklin Twp., Susquehanna County; The worst road conditions before or since gas drilling in our area. It's a paved road running east and west and for about four miles and the road's edge is breaking down, chunks of road lifting up, as if an earthquake has happened.

Vera, who took this video, has demonstrated the severity of the road damage in PA. She also shows how dangerous it is to be a local resident and try to drive on this old country road. You take your life in your hands. The huge trucks keep going by her in both directions constantly. This is a great video that gives us a sense of what life is like in Gasland. Not too good if you ask me. It looks very stressful at best. And people have been killed on roads similar to this one.


Anonymous said...

Drive North on Route 44 in Lycoming County and you will see just as much road damage and much more gas truck traffic. Already had fatality and expect many more before this is over.

Peacegirl said...

Thanks for that comment, Anon! Yes, this scenario is being repeated everywhere near gas well pads. It just makes us wonder- what gives these companies the right to ruin local infrastructure?