Thursday, January 5, 2012

Frac Sand Mine Troubles Maiden Rock (WI) Residents

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, residents tell about what is happening near their homes. A frac sand mine has taken over their lives in many respects. It's not just gas wells that are ruining the earth. Other industries related to gas drilling are also creating enormous problems for people. This is just another example.

Signs and symptoms of silicosis:
Because chronic silicosis is slow to develop, signs and symptoms may not appear until years after exposure. Signs and symptoms include:
Dyspnea (shortness of breath) exacerbated by exertion
Cough, often persistent and sometimes severe
Tachypnea (rapid breathing) which is often labored
Loss of appetite and weight loss
Chest pain
Gradual dark shallow rifts in nails eventually leading to cracks as protein fibers within nail beds are destroyed.

Ever hear of silicosis?

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smurfette said...

Yes, this sounds VERY familiar, "I have children and grandchildren visiting here and I don't want them to be exposed to it." Fortunately, not too many babies or elderly people come to Camp anymore. I'm glad this way of drilling was not started when WE were little.