Monday, April 18, 2011

Gas Drilling in Bradford County, PA

This video was done by TIME magazine.  Listen to Greg Morell who owns two motels in Wysox, PA, say how much he is benefiting from gas drilling.  He recommends gas drilling to everyone.  The addition to his motel (Riverstone Inn) he is now building in Wysox is ALREADY rented 100% by the gas industry.  Our family who has its family reunion in French Azilum every July still can't find rooms.

Listen to Bonnie and Truman Burnett tell about their new home and the spills that have occurred, making it impossible for them to enjoy their once beautiful property.  Two years ago 100,000 gallons of frack water were spilled and ruined their little pond and their well.  Contaminated water from this spill still trickles downhill toward Towanda and the Susquehanna River every time it rains, they say.  Another accident occurred when 300-500 gallons of hydrochloric acid spilled onto the ground.

The Johnsons cattle drank frack fluid containing strontium which went to their bones and proved deadly.  Look at the faces of these people as they tell their story.

But for Mr. Morell, it's all fantastic.  He's making money hand over fist.  And that's the name of the game, of course.  MONEY. 

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smurfette said...

I get so tired of hearing that no cases of contamination have been proven. It's difficult to prove that a spill is what causes something when they keep the recipe for the fracking fluid hush-hush. The gas industry is making money hand-over-fist and they should fork over a big chunk to each family, whose dreams of a good life have been shattered by "Fraccidents".Oh, and that motel owner- does he know how few years of natural gas we will get for all of this pollution? I get the feeling that he hasn't done his homework on this issue- he's too busy counting the money to worry about the sick cows and people.