Monday, April 25, 2011

Frack Spill in Leroy, PA: Press Conference in Towanda

Chesapeake Energy - Frack Spill in Leroy, PA from Melissa Troutman on Vimeo.

Attorney Todd O'Malley held a press conference outside Chesapeake Energy's office in Towanda, PA following a hydraulic fracturing flowback fluid spill that leaked toxins into a nearby waterway and led to the evacuation of seven families. Many people whose private water wells have been contaminated and who've had health problems due to contamination were present to share their stories.

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smurfette said...

Yes, the guy that said that the well was in "stable" condition has some 'splaining to do. "Stable" is a relative term. Does he mean that the well is the same as it was- gushing out frack fluid? Does he mean that it's "stable" like a volcano which is not erupting at this particular time? Doctors use "stable condition" to describe anything from "out of the woods" to "vital signs are OK, but brain isn't". Even death could be called a "stable" condition. It's not going to change barring a miracle.So, he needs to give us some clarification- just what IS "stable" about this well?