Monday, June 28, 2010

Marcellus Shale: Help! There's a Landman At My Door!

You can sign up online at Landman Report Card to read reports about landmen all over the country.  You can submit your own reports of your experiences, too.

How does this site help me?

By signing up as a user of LRC, you gain access to our database of landmen and oil companies' profiles, as well as reviews written by people who have previously encountered these landmen. You can view these reports and use them as a guide for future encounters. In addition, you will be able to write reports of you own regarding landmen you've interacted with. By contributing to the site, you are helping others who may be in a similar situation. By being a site user, you will also gain the privilege of contacting other users and being contacted for additional questions or to share your experiences.

How would I benefit as a user?

As a user, you are eligible to write reports on landmen you've had encounters with. These reports will greatly aid in expanding the site's database, which in turn can help you, and others like you, in making informed decisions. You will also have the option to contact other users and be contacted for additional questions or to simply share your experiences.

To view a report on a landman who visited a landowner in PA, click here.

For a crash course on what to do when confronted by a landman (or landwoman!), go here.


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