Friday, July 18, 2014

Truck Carrying Frack Water Loses Brakes: It Could Have Been Worse

LENOX TOWNSHIP — A water truck driver walked away from a crash with another tanker on Route 407 in Lenox Township on Thursday.
That crash in Susquehanna County might have saved both driver’s lives.
“I told her to hit me. I thought I could get her stopped, well. That didn’t work,” said Joe Delancy.
Delancy and a female driver were each carrying water from a gas site in their trucks.
State police said the brakes in the truck the woman was driving stopped working.
That’s when Delancy drove in front of her and let her hit him, so she could slow down.
“She kept picking up speed and she hooked me right here and over we went,” said Delancy.

Find out more about this accident here. Watch video.

My thoughts (Peacegirl):  In a rural area such as Lenox Township (PA) or Asylum Township (PA) where my family has its summer camp, trucks were not uncommon in days gone by. But now, with the virtual occupation of these areas by gas drilling companies,  trucks are seen all over the place every day, driving on little, narrow country roads that were not built for these heavy trucks in terrain that many drivers are not familiar with.  The roads are windy and treacherous in the best of circumstances.  In this accident, the brakes gave out.  People live on these roads often very close to the road.  There are children riding bikes.  The gas industry has brought a nightmare to these communities.  What a miracle that no one was badly hurt or killed in this accident yesterday (7/17/14). 

In addition, these water trucks are not always carrying just plain water.  The water may be laced with chemicals.  The water is going to be used for another frack job.  Where did it come from?  What is in this water?  Was there a spill in this case?  All good questions IMO.

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